Social Media Echo With Mahira Khan’s Engagement With Salim Karim


Social media echo with Mahira Khan’s engagement with Salim Karim

The actress has not spoken up yet about her engagement with Salim Karim.

KARACHI: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-June 13th, 2020) Social media echoed with reports of Mahira Khan’s engagement with Salim Karim here on Saturday.

Even the traditional media ran the interesting information about the actress’ love.

Lollywood star and Raees actress Mahira Khan is silent regarding her engagement with Salim Karim.

Salim Karim is businessman who established popular “Simpaisa” startup in Karachi. The network is carrier billing company which provides services to people about payments through sim. Simpaisa had partnership with companies like Marvel Games on board .

Salim is also DJ besides his large business.

Salim accompanied Mahira Khan during launch of Tapmad tv in 2017. The actress also shared photos with Salim from a friend's wedding on her Instagram account. The latest buzz is that the two were dancing at a party.

The actress made her name through her excellent performances in films and dramas and also worked with India actors like Shah Rukh Khan.

Humsafar was her serial which grabbed her huge popularity.

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