German Court Rules Volkswagen Must Partially Refund Rigged Diesel Cars

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 25th May, 2020) A Federal German court in the city of Karlsruhe ordered car-making giant Volkswagen on Monday to buy back diesel vehicles fitted with emission defeating devices at a reduced price.

The court ruled that plaintiffs "can ask the purchase price of the vehicle to be reimbursed with a discount to take into account the benefit of use."

The plaintiff in Monday's case sought a full reimbursement of the 31,490 Euros ($34,303) he paid for a used VW Sharan minivan in 2014. A lower court in the city of Koblenz awarded him 25,616 euros after considering its mileage.

Volkswagen said the judgment put an end to the legal process, which began in September 2015 after the United States accused it of cheating on pollution emissions tests.

The company said that people who bought diesel cars after the scandal broke out knew about the illegal software and should not be eligible for compensation. It said there were around 10,000 claims for damages from this group.