Woman Who Came To Get Money Under Ehsas Progarm Dies In Stampede In Multan


Woman who came to get money under Ehsas Progarm dies in stampede in Multan

There are conflicting reports as some people say she was an aged woman and died naturally while others say that she died as a result of stampede outside an office where the money under Ehsaas program was being disturbed among the citizens.

Multan: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-April 10th, 2020) A woman died during stampede outside a school where funds were being distributed among the citizens under Ehsaas Program in Multan here on Friday.

The woman who died is said to be 70 years old who reached there to get funds but could not survive due to huge rush and stampede outside the office established for Ehsaas Program. There was not rush but the negligence of the officials concerned who could not maintain discipline for the women coming there to get amounts under the said program.

A video showing police officials standing inside a building and a group ill-disciplined women outside the office went viral on social media. The police officials were seen standing calm inside the building while there was no one who could control the visiting women.

Some locals said that the woman died as a result of huge crowd outside the office.

“She fell down and died as the other women ran to get money,” said Nadia Bibi, a local resident. Another woman said that she was an aged woman and suddenly fell down on the ground as there was nobody to hit her down.

Fida Hussnain

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