UPDATE - Number Of Confirmed COVID-19 Cases In Georgia Reaches 103, Total Of 20 Recover

TBILISI (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 31st March, 2020) The number of confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Georgia has increased to 103 people, according to a special website for monitoring the disease.

The Georgian authorities declared a state of emergency until April 21 due to the spread of COVID-19, and on Monday imposed a general quarantine and curfew from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. Movement of public transport, including subway, is banned, passenger cars may carry not more than three people, and persons over 70 cannot leave home unless to visit a nearby grocery store or pharmacy. Military checkpoints have been set up in major cities.

"There have been 103 confirmed cases of infection, 20 of the infected people have recovered; 5,114 are quarantined, 263 are under supervision," according to the website.

The World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11 declared an outbreak of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) a pandemic. According to the latest WHO data, more than 690,000 cases of infection have been confirmed worldwide, and over 33,000 people have died.