Mahira Khan Asks Fans For Self-isolation For Safety Of Everyone


Mahira Khan asks fans for self-isolation for safety of everyone

The actress has also paid tribute to the doctors for making efforts to save others during Coronavirus outbreak.

KARACHI: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-March 23rd, 2020) Popular actress Mahira Khan asked her fans to take care of each other by ensuring “self-isolation” amid Coronavirus outbreak here on Monday.

Taking to her Instagram account, the actress shared some photos and wrote: “at this point when we are all at home and worried, anxiety runs high. Think about those who already suffer from other health ailments - physical and mental,”.

She also wrote: “Also.. it’s a beautiful morning in Karachi. And a tree next to my home which never grew any leaves has suddenly started to grow them. Also also.. do you spot a heart in the sky?”, she pointed out at the photos.

Later, she took to Twitter and shared some photos of Italian doctors and nurses saying “More than heroes. In awe of all the medical professionals, in every part of the world.”

She also shared a video message for the general public.

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