Russian Envoy Says OSCE Mission Complained About Loss Of Drone In Eastern Ukraine

VIENNA (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 16th January, 2020) The OSCE security group's special monitoring mission to eastern Ukraine has reported trouble operating drones in the war-torn country, the Russian envoy said Thursday.

Russia's Alexander Lukashevich said one of the mini-drones the mission uses to monitor ceasefire in the region was jammed and captured by Ukrainian government troops near Orekhovo village in Luhansk region and was handed back with its memory card wiped.

"Such interference with the work of the SMM's technical equipment is unacceptable and demonstrates attempts to conceal military action from the mission," the envoy said in Vienna.

The OSCE contact group, which includes Ukrainian, Russian and OSCE members, has mediated three peace accords since the conflict broke out in 2014, but Ukrainian government troops and rebels have been exchanging fire regardless.