Owner Of KAT Arrested In Poland


Owner of KAT arrested in Poland

Poland, (Pakistan Point News – 26th July, 2016) : Artem Vaulin, owner and operator of KAT, Kickass Torrents, file-sharing site has been arrested in Poland by the US justice department on July 20. He is accused of money laundering and invading copyright. Authorities have accused a Ukrainian man supposed to be the brain of the world's biggest online piracy website. He is alleged of dispensing more than a £1bn worth of pirated music and films of the US Entertainment industry through his illegal website from eight years.

Thirty-year-old Ukrainian Artem Vaulin was detained in Poland on Wednesday. The US justice department said that he will be deported soon. US officials say that Kickass Torrents works in more than 28 languages and has a net balance of more than $54 million. US attorney Zachary Fardon stated that copyright violation extorts a large tax on the artists and businesses whose income depends on their creative work. Conferring to web monitoring firm Alexa, KAT was providing links and mirror links to users to access unauthorized material.

Another subordinate domain owned by KAT was 70th world’s most popular website, Kickass Torrents was shut down after the US Department of Justice arrested the alleged owner of the website. The US Department of Justice has tracked other high-profile piracy website cases recently; like Kim Dotcom’s Megaupload was the similar piracy web site providing unauthorized material to users.

Owner of KAT arrested in Poland