Mehwish Hayat Performs Umrah


Mehwish Hayat performs Umrah

The actress received different reactions to her tweet about performing Umrah as some of her fans asked her to abandon showbiz industry soon after it.

LAHORE: (Urdu Point/Pakistan Point News-Nov 30th, 2019) Known actress Mehwish Hayat performed Ummrah with her family members, and shared her feelings of being there at Mataf of Baitullah here on Saturday.

Accompanied by her mother and brother, actress Mehwish Hayat was standing at Mataf—the place where tawaf is done around Baitullah Sharif.

In her message to the fans, the actress first of all wished ‘Jumma Mubarak’ to her fans and then shared her feelings of being in Baitullah Sharif.

She wrote: “By the grace of Allah, I have been blessed to be able to perform Umrah. The feeling of being here cannot be expressed in words. A truly moving and humbling journey that I pray every Muslim in the world gets to be able to experience as well,”.

The reaction of Mehwish’s fans was very interesting as some of them congratulated her for performing Umrah and some others suggested her to abandon her showbiz activities.

Fida Hussnain

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