Rabi Says She Was Looking Reasonable Answer During Her Long Silence


Rabi says she was looking reasonable answer during her long silence

Rabi Pirzada who quit the Showbiz industry one week ago says difficulty or trial in one's life means that either he was being punished for sins or being tried for the right path.

LAHORE: (Urdu Point/Pakistan Point News-Nov 14th, 2019) Famous singer Rabi Pirzada on Thursday said that she was silent just becacuse she was looking answer for last many days and was deeply thinking about it.
In a new eight-minute long video, Rabi Pirzada who had earlier announced to quit Showbiz industry, said that she remained silent for last many days because she was thinking about a reasonable answer. She also recited some verses from the Holy Quran.

"There are two reasons whenever some difficult time comes to someone's life; first reason is that God wants to try that person and the second reason is that God wants to punish him," said Rabi Pirzada. She said someone told him that if a person continued to committ sins even after the trial it meant that he was punished and if he quit the sins and came to the right path it then it meant that he was simply tried.

On Nov 6, Rabi Pirzada said that she was going to perform Umra after quitting the showbiz industry. She said she took this decision after consultation with friends and family members.

Earlier, Rabi Pirzada had made a heartfelt request on social media following her indecent videos which were leaked on internet.

The singer and actress posted, "Allah will conceal the secrets of a person on the Day of Judgment who does not reveal the secrets of others in this world."She had lodged a complaint in the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Cyber Crime Wing against the persons responsible for leaking her private videos.The pop singer took the stance in her application that she had returned her cellular phone to the company from which she bought it after the device ran down.

The company gave her a new mobile, she said.She expressed concerns that her data was stolen from the old device and shared with her friends. She requested the FIA Cyber Crime Wing to delete her videos from internet which is bringing dishonor to her and her family.It has been learnt that the FIA has started interrogating the matter.Sources had further revealed that Rabi Pirzada will also contact the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to prevent the footages from being uploaded.

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