CDA Paved Way To Start Developmental Work In 1-15 Sector

(Pakistan Point News / Online - 20th October, 2019) October 20 (Online): The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has finally paved the way to start developmental works in sector I-15. Pre-qualification of contractors for the infrastructure development of sectorI-15 has been invited.Basically, I series sectors were designed to provide low-income housing but remained stalled for years. In February 2000, it was resolved to develop sector I-15 to overcome the ever increase in shortage of housing in the capital.

The sector was particularly launched to accommodate low income citizens. However, despite the allotment of plots no step regarding its development was taken since nearly two decades. The incumbent management of CDA in line with its policy to take up the initiation of development work in the stalled sectors, which were previously victim of stalemate. Sector I-15 was designed exclusively for low-income citizens in 2005. It has 10,290 plots and the CDA has taken possession of entire sector's land.

Authority, re-designed the plan, structural designs and infrastructure of entire Sector I-15 for the various categories plots.In order to streamline and resolving the project hurdles and issues, CDA requested the Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (PEPA)' for Environmental Approval and invited all stakeholders to weigh in on the environmental concerns mentioned in an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report. Public hearing of Interested and affected persons was held on August 19, 2019 and CDA is ensured optimistically that PEPA would issued shortly NOC in this regard.

To address the problems faced by those who were allotted plots and stuck in the Sector I-15 for decade. The present management of CDA prioritized its core responsibility for the infrastructure development work in the stalled Sectors. Resultantly for the infrastructure development work in the Sector I-15, CDA-DWP approvedthe PC-I amounting to Rs.5656.24 million.Pre-qualification of contractors for the infrastructure developmentwork in sector I-15 have been invited through Press and after completing the all codal formalities and fulfillment of necessary procedure, the developmental work would be commenced shortly.

It is expected that these stalled sectors will yield huge revenue streams to CDA which has remained cash strapped and idle for many decades. On completion of these projects will create new commercial areas and huge sources of revenue for CDA. These revenues will be utilized for infrastructural improvement of the city and to overcome the shortage of housing.