Portuguese Gov't Mobilizes Military, Police To Resume Gas Deliveries Amid Energy Crisis

MADRID (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 13th August, 2019) The government of Portugal mobilized the National Republic Guard and Public Security Police in a bid to restore fuel supplies after severe disruptions across the country were caused by a tank truck drivers' strike, Prime Minister Antonio Costa said on Tuesday.

Tank truck drivers declared an open-ended strike to demand salary increases on Monday, resulting in severe disruptions at gas stations across the country. The government had to introduce gas rationing to mitigate the impact and ordered drivers on strike to maintain regular deliveries to airports and emergency services.

After establishing that the airport and gas stations in the Faro district, the famous touristic coastal region in south Portugal, were experiencing fuel shortages, Costa declared an energy emergency and convened an extraordinary cabinet meeting.

Costa acknowledged on Twitter the "violation of minimum required level of services" and said that "transfers by drivers of the National Republic Guard and Public Security Police amid the energy crisis have already begun."

Long lines of vehicles at gas stations have been seen all across Portugal and in neighboring areas of Spain.

Drivers on strike risk facing criminal charges for not complying with Federal orders.

Portugal is in the midst of its second fuel crisis since April.