Uber Users Now Have To Put Their Destination In The Newly Updated Required Field While Requesting A Ride

Uber users now have to put their destination in the newly updated required field while requesting a ride

(Pakistan Point News - 25th Oct, 2016 ) : Ride-calling service Uber has made an amendment in its services and the uber users will have to enter their destination while requesting a ride. The update will also allow partner-drivers to receive requests while they are completing a trip. Latest up-gradations have been done by The ride-hailing colossus which is striving hard to embellish its services to the local users as its rival Careem is always there to compete.

Uber says the update has a cross purpose of easing out its customers by exposing them to a flawless and coherent experience, which would modify the functionality and lessen the time it takes riders to get picked.“Entering your destination ahead of time makes life easier; saving you the time and effort it takes to explain where you’re going to your driver, and allows them to simply follow the directions provided by GPS,” a statement reads on Uber’s website.The current destination will be required now by the when they open the app. the destination can be filled in the text field or the users can also select their preferred terminal points. a it will be followed by a notification being given to the Riders about the nearby drivers who are about to complete a trip. moreover, the app will also provide an estimate of the time it takes for them to be picked.