Life Is Going To Be More Expressive With Apple's New IOS 10.2 Facepalm Emoji


Life is going to be more expressive with Apple's new iOS 10.2 facepalm emoji

(Pakistan Point News – 2nd November, 2016) : text without an emoji? It just feels a face without an expression, a word without a feeling. Emojis help us a lot in conveying our words with its true essence, let us become expressive enough for the receiver. From the basic emoji of a smile to the complex blush one, messaging contains all kinds of facial expressions. The latest iOS 10.2 update currently being tested by developers includes a facepalm emoji. Not confined to the face palm emoji, the iOS update will also features a shrug emoji along with the gorilla Harambe. More diversity has been introduced in the emojis by presenting a male and female of all the faces.