Taipei: Chinese Tourist Bus Crashed In Taiwan, Killing 26 People


Taipei: Chinese tourist bus crashed in Taiwan, killing 26 people

Taipei, (Pakistan Point News – 20th July, 2016) : Chinese tourist bus has been crashed in Taiwan causing 26 causalities. According to foreign media, tourist bus collided with the railing alongside the Highway while going to the Airport; the bus caught fire, killing all 26 people aboard the bus in the event of fire. After the crash, fire extinguisher personnel vehicles arrived late, until the bus was completely burned, 26 tourists were in the Chinese tourist bus including sixteen women, eight men, tour guide and driver. The tourists were heading back to China after an eight-day tour. Unfortunate tourists were from China's province Liaoning. According to the Taiwan’s media any tourist could not escape the sudden fire, while tourists’ bodies have been burned badly. However, the cause of accident could not be determined yet.