Story Of An Inspirational Woman From Lahore

Story of an Inspirational Woman from Lahore

LAHORE, (Pakistan Point News – 3rd Nov, 2016) : There is no denying that there is no one more courageous and inspiring than a woman in toughest of times. A similar example of such bravery is portrayed by Bushra Bibi, a former airhostess. Bushra left her job for her husband and was helpless when the husband abandoned her and their two daughters. Though after the abandonment Bushra didn’t lose her will and decided to stand up on her feet. Bushra now has a food stall at Rustom Park, Samanabad, which falls under local court at 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. People and lawyers from around the area come to her stall and encourage her bravery and strong will. Following is the story of the inspiring woman: