Arts Council Of Pakistan Karachi Paid Tribute To The Famous Singer "Nayyara Noor" ( Bulbul-e- Pakistan)

A Great Artist Never Dies, He Lives As Long As His Work Lasts. Nayyara Noor Is Also Counted Among Such Artists - President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi paid tribute to the famous singer

Nayyara Noor never compromised on principles, never shied away from speaking the truth - Renowned actor shehriyar zaidi

KARACHI (Pakistan Point News - 30 August, 2022) Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi organized a ceremony to pay homage to Bulbul-e- Pakistan's famous singer " Nayyara Noor" in Jaun Elia lawn. President of Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah, shehriyar zaidi Nad –e- Ali , Sultan Arshad, Salima Hashmi, Manwar Saeed, and Dr. Karamat Ali expressed their views. While Arshad Mahmood performed the Duties of Moderater. On this occasion, the President of the Arts Council Karachi Muhammad Ahmed shah said that it is a matter of honor for us that Nayyara has been a part of our governing body for many years.

A very noble and humble voice will never be found in Pakistan again. She was absolutely kind in her habits. A great artist never dies. He lives as long as his work remains. Nayyara Apa sang with all the great musicians. Faiz’s kalam was sung by her. The Kalam of Faiz reached all over the world by to Nayyara Apa's voice. She was our great artist, she gave whatever she could to society. She has been in the corner for ten or twelve years.

She was a great person. We will organize a great musical tribute for Nayyara Apa. Shehriyar zaidi, husband of Nayyara Noor, speaking at the event said that 49 years of Nayyara life have passed with me. Nayyara was my friend. Our music. had similar tastes. I liked the songs she liked. She was a very caring woman. Some things I didn't have in me I learned from her, one of which was her self respect . She did not express her weakness to anyone except Allah.

She preferred to be hungry rather than borrow. She used to help people without favor. She did not give importance to money at all. She never bargained on principles. Nad –e- Ali, the son of Nayyara Noor, while expressing himself at the ceremony, said that the Pakistan-India cricket match was incomplete for me because my mother was not with me. Whenever there was a recording, Ami always made sure that we had everything we needed wherever we were.

Ami's best feature was that she was the mother of all. She loved everyone very much. She was a good wife and mother. She used to help someone with monthly expenses. She is among us. Sultan Arshad said while talking that today we have gathered here to remember Nayyara Noor. Nayyara Noor was like my younger sister. I and Nayyara used to sing together. We were together for two years. In two years there are two thousand things that will remain in my mind.

I can say with certainty. No one else can sing the kind of songs that Nayyara sang. Salima Hashmi expressed her views and said that the head of Nayyara throat was not from here but from the other world. On the day Nayyara and Sherry got married, it was very foggy. Her song lives in everyone's hearts. Nayyara will always be with us. Manwarr Saeed, speaking at the ceremony, said that I and Nayyara were related for fifty years. In the seventies, Nayyara and Shehryar were in love and their marriage was solemnized in a great song.

Pray for Nayyara. May Allah grant her a place in Jannat al-Firdaus. She was such a good woman that I am sure she will be in Jannah. Dr. Karamat Ali, speaking at the ceremony, said that one aspect of Nayyara 's character is that she loves her people. Nayyara was aware of the class and poor problems of this country. Nayyara sang a theme song for us free of cost. I salute her. You must listen to the theme song that Nayyara sang. It was a song of people's voices that Nayyara sang for no one. A showreel based on the life of Nayyara Noor, made by the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, was also shown at the event.