Anoushey Ashraf Writes Heart-warming Note About Animal Love


Anoushey Ashraf writes heart-warming note about animal love

Anoushey urged everyone to be nice to all animals

Lahore (Pakistan Point News – 22nd January, 2019) Model and tv Host Anoushey Ashraf is an animal lover and we can often see her animal love in her Instagram posts.

Anoushey has often shared her animal love. Earlier, she introduced her pet Suri who taught her about loyalty, empathy and unconditional love.

However, she again took to Instagram to write a heart-warming post about animal love.

Sharing several pictures of herself with different animals, the model and TV host wrote, “I had rescued my first injured animal at the age of six perhaps. A little kitten from the street across the road from our house. That’s how it all began. Soon after there was an injured baby crow, fallen from a tree. An injured Kite. An injured pup.”

“I always wanted to adopt the dog no one wanted from the litter because of it’s limp, or the kitten that couldn’t see. All this was also followed by bringing in unhurt but very cute lambs, rabbits, ducklings, hens, a partridge, turtles and some geese. By the time I turned 9, our backyard was a mini zoo. And we were proud of it. A little corner for the blind, injured and hurt. Another for the ones recuperating. The rest were allowed to roam free,” she recalled.

Although they dirtied the placed and made it smell funny, they gave Anoushey so much joy. She was grateful to her mother for letting her keep all of those animals.

“I often talk about how my love for nature, travel etc has been inherited from my dad. But my love for animals comes from my mom. Even today, she carries Suri around to places like she would her own child. When I was unsure about keeping another rescue Pixie many years later, my mom was the one who convinced me to give that dog our home. She secretly loved/loves them all more than I do but has someone to blame when they tire her out,” she continued.

She went on to say, “Animals have brought us joy, luck, immense love and pain. When my dog Mika passed away, I couldn’t sleep for nights but my dearest friend Faisal Baig consoled me with words even he may have forgotten himself. But they remain with me even today. I asked him if I’d ever be reunited with my dog again, even if religion doesn’t specially say much on the matter. He replied with a gentle ‘God loves you, and when those who love Him ask him for something, God always comes through, so if that’s what you want, you will see him again’.”

Anoushey urged everyone to be nice to all animals, discourage hunting, encourage humane slaughter, avoid animal circuses, riding elephants for fun and water shows etc.

Mahnoor Sheikh

The writer is News Editor, Pakistan Point. She has graduated in Mass Communication and has worked in various media houses