Mira Sethi Is Engaged And Her Love Story Is Adorable!


Mira Sethi is engaged and her love story is adorable!

Mira shares her love story on Instagram

Lahore (Pakistan Point News – 20th November, 2018) Model and actress Mira Sethi just announced her engagement on social media and shared her love stories with her followers.

“In the spring of 2017, a tall, funny, curly-haired dude walked into my life. I'd known this curly-haired dude all my life -- in the way you know your parents' friends' kids -- but we'd never sought each other out. (Weirdly enough, Bilal and I overlapped at Oxford in 2008—he was doing his PhD, I was spending my junior year abroad. But we never looked each other up, never bumped into each other in that tiny cobbled town),” Mira recalled as she shared pictures of her engagement.

Mira then met Bilal almost a decade later. They met in Lahore on a warm February evening.

They met again at Spice Bazaar and then Bilal came to his house where he met her brother as well. It was after Bilal’s mother died that they would start texting and gradually grew closer to each other.
The next year, Mira said, was a whirlwind.

“We travelled together to Lisbon, Brussels, Amsterdam, New York, Islamabad, Reno, San Francisco. We went to a festival in the desert and slept under the stars. We danced to really bad music. We biked across the desert at night, our cycles glowing with fairylights.”

That’s where Bilal proposed Mira.

“He would slow his bike down every few minutes and ask, "Tum theek ho? Thand tou nahi lag rahi?"
"Theek houn!" I'd shout over the wind, pedalling furiously to keep up with him. ⁣
I love you, he said. ⁣
“Very happy to be here,” I said moronically, wiping snot off my frozen nose,” she continued. ⁣

Mira went on to adore Bilal in her comment, recalling some of her happy moments with him.

Here’s to wishing them both a very happy life ahead!

Mahnoor Sheikh

The writer is News Editor, Pakistan Point. She has graduated in Mass Communication and has worked in various media houses