Hamza Ali Abbasi, Aamir Liaquat Exchange Barbs On Twitter


Hamza Ali Abbasi, Aamir Liaquat exchange barbs on Twitter

Islamabad (Pakistan Point News – 25th June, 2018) Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader and tv scholar Aamir Liaquat exchanged barbs on Twitter as Hamza quoted a Hadith for the TV scholar.

“Interesting thought: In Messaq e Medina, Ummah is referred to Muslim majority of Medina & the Jews & Christian minority of Medina, all equal in brotherhood. It doesn't take a scholar to realise that the only ideology that can keep Pakistan together & protect minorities is islam,” the actor-turned-journalist wrote in his tweet.

One person replied to this tweet, pointing towards Aamir Liaquat’s sectarian remarks in a recent show: “Agreed but then why do you have @AamirLiaquat campaigning and using the sectarian card to muster votes?”

To this, Hamza quoted a Hadith: “Allah's Messenger PBUH said, “In the End Times men will come forth who will fraudulently use Islam for worldly ends and wear sheepskins in public to display meekness. Their tongues will be sweeter than sugar, but their hearts will be the hearts of wolves.” (Tirmidhi)

Aamir Liaquat could not keep his silence on being targeted with a Hadith and said, “Don’t quote any Hadith and don’t play with Hadith. You are disgusting face of the channel, and a drug addict. It is better you stick to your day job - ‘ACTING’ otherwise I will also tell what your beliefs are and what you preach. Get off my mentions now.”

Journalist Mehr Tarar jumped into the heated argument and said, “With due respect Aamir, you seem to have a great deal of knowledge about Islam, Quran and Hadith. You're surely aware of all that is said about throwing filth on others, ghibat, announcing their flaws and weaknesses (true or false) to the world, defaming them? Does Allah approve?”

“Does Allah approve what Hamza was doing here with me? Imposing Hadith on me is ok?! I did not start this. Please explain him first what Gheebat and backbiting is. Anyway I am not going to prolong this either... take care,” Aamir responded.

“If he has done this to you, I'll say the same to him. Thanks,” Mehr Tarar said.

Mahnoor Sheikh

The writer is News Editor, Pakistan Point. She has graduated in Mass Communication and has worked in various media houses