Jamal Shah Wants To Cast Sonam Kapoor In His Film


Jamal Shah wants to cast Sonam Kapoor in his film

Pakistan, (Pakistan Point News - 13th July, 2016) : Jamal Shah's first film “Revenge of the Worthless” will be released on 29th July in cinemas, but he has now started planning his second film. Actor and director Jamal revealed that he will very soon launch his second film which will be made in New York and is based on a romantic story. Jamal Shah said while talking to Dawn Images, "My next film will be in ‘Phir Khhili Anarkali’, which will be shooting in New York, the script is written by Mumtaz Hussain who will also direct the movie while I will be the co-producer”.

Though the film is still in its early stages, Jamal Shah has decided the name for the actress. He added more that they are contacting Sonam Kapoor for the lead role in the film. He said more that story of the film is quite interesting, it will also be showing the modern era with a love story in the 16th century. Jamal Shah believes that very soon we'll see him working in the tv drama ‘Saya e Dewaar’ at Hum TV.