Qandeel Baloch Admitted The News Of Her Marriage With Ashiq Hussain


Qandeel Baloch admitted the news of her marriage with Ashiq Hussain

Kot Addu,(Pakistan Point News - 13th july, 2016) : Qandeel Baloch came under the spot light again when a man named Ashiq Hussain claimed that Qandeel was his wife and they also bore a son. He also showed a marriage certificate as a proof of his marriage with Qandeel Baloch, a controversial Pakistani model and actress. Ashiq Hussain was a resident of Kot Addu where they both got married in 2008. Qandeel baloch addressed this issue by admitting that Ashiq Hussain was her former husband and she had also given birth to a boy.

Stating the reason of her divorce she said that her parents forcefully made her to marry an unemployed man at the age of 17. Ashiq Hussain was a brutal man who used to beat her without any pity. She also mentioned that she always wanted to complete her studies and pursue a good career but his husband never let her do that. She was also forbidden to meet her parents.She told media that she miss her son but Ashiq hussain doesn't let her meet the boy. On the contrary Ashiq hussain denied all the allegations by saying that it was a love marriage and he never treated Qandeel inhumanely. Moreover he mentioned that her constant demands for car, bungalow and money were the reason of divorce as he was a poor man and cannot afford those luxuries for her.