Fawad Alam Addresses Retirement Speculations


Fawad Alam addresses retirement speculations

The seasoned batsman declares his imminent return to Pakistan, underscoring the gravity of impending decisions.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Jan 15th, 2024) Left-handed batsman Fawad Alam has put an end to swirling retirement rumors, asserting his strong intent to return to Pakistan in the near future to make pivotal decisions.

In an exclusive interview with a prominent local sports website in the United States, Alam delved into his ongoing cricket commitments and shed light on his forthcoming plans concerning retirement.

Alam expressed, "I am currently engaged in cricket here in the United States, but I am determined to return to Pakistan soon. I will manage all aspects and make necessary decisions. Expect significant announcements very soon."

It is pertinent to note that back in August 2023, the reports in Indian media had surfaced, suggesting Fawad Alam's departure to explore opportunities in the United States.

Continuing the Cricket Journey:

Dismissing retirement murmurs on Wednesday, the seasoned batsman declared his imminent return to Pakistan, underscoring the gravity of impending decisions.

According to the reports, Fawad Alam, who last graced the Test arena in Sri Lanka in 2022, has now joined the Chicago Kings as a local player in the highly competitive Minor League Cricket T20.

This league, known as Minor League Cricket (MLC), marked the culmination of its inaugural season at the close of July.

Recap of Fawad Alam's Cricket Odyssey:

Making his debut in white-ball cricket in 2007, Fawad Alam swiftly transitioned into Test cricket in 2009. Following his third Test that same year, he faced a decade-long hiatus from the national team, only making a remarkable comeback in 2020 during a home series against England. While that series didn't yield the desired results, Alam showcased his prowess in the subsequent series against New Zealand, contributing to a memorable century-saving partnership.

The left-hander continued to make his mark in 2021, securing centuries against South Africa, Zimbabwe, and the West Indies. However, after facing setbacks in Test series against Australia and Sri Lanka in July of the following year, he found himself excluded from the Playing XI.

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