A Picture Of Four Years Old Syrian Wounded Boy Wounds Hearts Of People

A picture of four years old Syrian wounded boy wounds hearts of people

Syria,(Pakistan Point News - 19 August,2016) : A picture of four years Syrian wounded boy Omran grabbed headlines of all Newspapers of world. Across war-torn Syria, thousands of children like him are traumatised by daily life under siege and the threat of bombs. The footage of the shell-shocked four-year-old was dubbed by Washington "the real face" of Syria's five-year war. The footage from activists at the Aleppo Media Centre shows Omran sitting quietly in an ambulance, his bare, dust-covered feet barely reaching the edge of the orange chair. He touches his forehead with a tiny hand and seems surprised to see blood on his fingers -- then wipes it off on the orange chair with the timidity of a child who feels he has done something wrong. "There are thousands of stories of wounded children whose limbs have been blown off, with wounds to the stomach and head," said Dr Abu al-Baraa.