Resham Decides Against Marrying Within Showbiz Industry


Resham decides against marrying within showbiz industry

The actress has cites a concerning surge in divorces among celebrity couples.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Dec 9th, 2023) Celebrated Lollywood actress Resham disclosed her decision to refrain from marrying within the showbiz industry, citing a concerning surge in divorces among celebrity couples.

Expressing a palpable unease about the transient nature of marriages in the entertainment world, Resham articulated her intention to seek a life partner outside the industry.

She expressed these words during a recent interview.

Despite her notable presence in both the film and drama sectors, Resham emphasized the short-lived nature of marriages in showbiz, underscoring that she would have exited the industry earlier had she found a compatible life partner. The actress remains optimistic about finding a loyal partner for matrimony.

Addressing the topic of celebrity divorces, Resham expressed her sorrow over actor Sajal Aly's recent marital separation.

She highlighted the emotional impact, stating, "Her divorce really saddened me. Sajal is very close to my heart as we have worked together in 'Mohabbat Jaye Bhaar Main.'"

Fans can anticipate Resham's imminent return to the silver screen in the upcoming film "Gunjal," where she will share the screen with Ahmad Ali Akbar in the lead role.

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