Payal Ghosh Opens Up About Her Relationship With Irfan Pathan


Payal Ghosh opens up about her relationship with Irfan Pathan

The actress says Gautam Gambhir and Akshay Kumar used to call her but she was in love with Irfan Pathan.

MUMBAI: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Dec 2nd, 2023) In a surprising turn of events, Indian actress Payal Ghosh made bold claims about her past relationships.

Taking to X, actress Payal Ghosh asserted that she was in a five-year-long relationship with former cricketer Irfan Pathan, revealing details about their association. The actress also disclosed that she received attention from former Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir during the same period.

Through a series of tweets, Payal Ghosh shared insights into her past, stating, “I dated Irfan Pathan for 5 years from 2011, and then everything ended. Gautam Gambhir and Akshay Kumar were behind me, but I only loved Irfan and couldn't see anyone else,”.

Ghosh went on to claim that Gautam Gambhir regularly messaged her, and Irfan Pathan was aware of these interactions, going as far as checking her phone calls.

The actress, known for her roles in films such as “Sharpe's Peril”, “Priyanka” and “Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi,” emphasized her exclusive affection for Irfan Pathan.

“I used to tell everything to Irfan, and I have also shown Gautam Gambhir's messages. Irfan Pathan was well aware of all this, and he used to check my phone calls,” Ghosh detailed in one of her tweets.

Sharing an incident during a domestic match in Pune, Ghosh revealed that Irfan Pathan discussed these matters in front of his brothers Yusuf Pathan, Hardik, and Krunal Pandya.

“When I had a break-up with Irfan Pathan, I fell ill, and I couldn't work for many years. I did not love anyone other than Irfan,” she added.

It's worth noting that during the ICC World Cup 2023, Payal Ghosh made headlines by humorously proposing to Indian fast bowler Mohammed Shami. However, she clarified that it was intended as a jest.

Apart from her acting career, Payal Ghosh has ventured into politics, joining the Republican Party of India and currently holding the position of Vice President in the party's women's wing.

Following substantial criticism on social media for her revelations, Ghosh deleted all the posts from her account, leaving the online community abuzz with speculation regarding the authenticity of her claims.

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