Sonam Bajwa Expresses Wish To Visit Pakistan


Sonam Bajwa expresses wish to visit Pakistan

The Bollywood actress says she has numerous friends in Pakistan, and the prospect of visiting fills her with immense joy.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-march 12nd, 2024) Bollywood actress Sonam Bajwa has expressed her keenness to visit Pakistan, stating her desire during a conversation with Pakistani journalists.

Speaking with reporters, Sonam Bajwa conveyed, "I deeply wish to visit Pakistan."

Emphasizing her strong ties with the country, she added, "I have numerous friends in Pakistan, and the prospect of visiting fills me with immense joy."

Responding to an invitation extended by a present individual, Sonam was encouraged to visit Pakistan, with assurances of warm reception and hospitality. She was specifically urged to explore Kartarpur, with the ease of access facilitating the journey.

Expressing her earnest intentions, the actress asserted, “I truly hope and aspire to make the trip,”.

Addressing her Pakistani fans, Sonam conveyed her gratitude, remarking, "I extend heartfelt appreciation to all those who follow and support me. Your affection means a lot to me."

Earlier, prompted by a fan's request for her visit to Pakistan, Sonam Bajwa enthusiastically affirmed her plans, saying that, “I am indeed planning to visit Pakistan this year,”.

Sonam Bajwa has previously exhibited her admiration for Pakistani artists and dramas, showcasing particular fondness for renowned Pakistani actress Sajal Ali and the popular drama series “Mere Paas Tum Ho,”.

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