Escalating Conflict In Israel-Gaza Raises Fears Of Ground Invasion


Escalating conflict in Israel-Gaza raises fears of ground invasion

Israel has imposed a comprehensive blockade, including restrictions on food and fuel.

GAZA: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Oct 10th, 2023) Growing concerns of a ground invasion are on the rise as Israel escalated actions against the Gaza Strip, currently under Hamas control.

Israel imposed a comprehensive blockade, including restrictions on food and fuel.

On Monday, Defence Minister Yoav Gallant described this as a step in the ongoing battle with the Palestinian group.

Israel's troops are still engaged in clearing out Hamas fighters more than two days after they crossed into Israel from Gaza, resulting in significant casualties and hostage-taking. The Israeli army is preparing for a major offensive, marking the largest mobilization in Israeli history.

Fighting is ongoing in several areas within Israel where fighters remain entrenched. Israel's chief military spokesperson mentioned that control has been regained in previously overrun communities, but isolated clashes persist as some Palestinian gunmen continue to be active.

The disturbing scenes of Israeli civilians killed in the streets, gunned down at public events, and abducted from their homes have shaken the region. Israel has responded with a heavy bombardment of the Gaza Strip, resulting in numerous casualties. There are also indications of a potential ground assault.

Hagari stated that 300,000 reservists have been called up within just two days, an unprecedented scale of mobilization. Hamas argued that their attack is a response to the dire situation in Gaza, ongoing Israeli actions in the West Bank, and Israeli government policies concerning Palestinian land.

The violence threatens efforts backed by the United States to normalize relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia, a development that could impact Palestinian aspirations and Iran's support for Hamas.

Hamas fighters continue to infiltrate Israel from Gaza, resulting in casualties. Israeli forces have conducted airstrikes and artillery attacks on over 500 targets in the Gaza Strip. Among the targets are command centers and the residence of a senior Hamas official.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's options are limited due to concerns for the hostages taken during the raid. A full-scale invasion of Gaza could jeopardize their lives.

The Israeli Air Force has launched a significant number of munitions and bombs on Gaza, targeting various sites. Casualties in Gaza have been substantial, with hundreds martyred and thousands wounded.

Hamas officials condemn Israel's actions as war crimes and terrorism, while Israel seeks to eliminate Hamas' military capabilities and its governance of the Gaza Strip.

Iran, Hamas' Primary international ally, congratulated Hamas on the attack but denied direct involvement. Meanwhile, tensions have escalated in other regions, with Israeli forces clashing with Hezbollah militia in Lebanon and an incident in Egypt resulting in the death of Israeli tourists.

Calls for restraint have come from various corners of the world, although many Western nations have expressed support for Israel.

The Israeli military aims to prevent Hamas from governing Gaza after the conflict ends and is actively pursuing the remaining Palestinian fighters who infiltrated southern Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned that Israel should brace for a prolonged and challenging conflict following Hamas' surprise assault from Gaza, resulting in significant casualties on both sides. This marks Israel's worst losses since the 1973 Arab-Israeli war.

In Gaza, reports indicate a high number of casualties, and the possibility of a looming ground invasion is causing heightened concerns. Tens of thousands of Israeli forces are engaged in the battle with Hamas militants in the southern region, where the aftermath of violence has been devastating.

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