Justice Isa Visits Jaranwala To Assess Situation Of Christian Community After Blasphemy Riots

Justice Isa visits Jaranwala to assess situation of Christian community after blasphemy riots

The Supreme Court senior puisne judge and his wife interact with the affected individuals and surveyed the condition of the damaged structures in the Christian-populated area of Jaranwala.

JARANWALA: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-August 19th, 2023) Supreme Court senior Puisne Judge Justice Qazi Faez Isa on Saturday made a visit to Jaranwala tehsil in Faisalabad district to assess the situation of the local Christian community following the recent riots linked to alleged blasphemy.

During the visit, Justice Isa and his wife interacted with the affected individuals and surveyed the condition of the damaged structures in the Christian-populated area of Jaranwala. He stressed that if churches are attacked, it's the responsibility of Muslims to apprehend the attackers.

Despite not usually engaging with journalists, the judge conveyed a message to the locals and brought along food packets as a gesture of support, acknowledging their limited impact. He encouraged others to follow suit, emphasizing that Muslims have a significant role to play in aiding the affected community.

Justice Isa questioned the notion of solely relying on the state for assistance, pointing out the sluggish nature of state procedures. He urged the Christian leaders to prioritize aid based on financial need and distribute resources accordingly.

During his visit, Justice Isa invoked verses from the Holy Quran, indicating Islam's stance against those who harm places of worship. He emphasized the significance of respecting the principles of Prophet Isa [A.S] within islam and highlighted historical instances of Muslim leaders displaying reverence for Christianity.

Justice Isa drew attention to Articles 295 and 295-A of the Constitution, which hold individuals accountable for hurting religious sentiments. He categorically stated that the Jaranwala incident violated Pakistan's laws and Constitution.

Expressing disappointment, Justice Isa criticized the actions of those who identified as Muslims but contradicted the teachings of their religion through their violent behavior.

He concluded by advocating for comprehensive compensation for the victims of the Jaranwala incident in every possible manner.

In an incident that occurred on August 16, a mob targeted the Christian community, resulting in the destruction of 19 churches and 86 homes through arson and vandalism.

The Punjab police took 145 alleged individuals into custody, including two main suspects, out of the 1,470 individuals implicated. Five cases have been registered in connection with the incident.

The widespread damage provoked nationwide indignation, prompting various religious leaders to vehemently condemn the act and advocate for severe penalties against the culprits.