Tugboat Sunken In Suez Canal After Collision With Tanker Recovered From Water

CAIRO (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 09th August, 2023) The Fahd tugboat, which sank in the Suez Canal after a collision with an oil tanker, has been successfully recovered by means of a hoist, the Canal Authority said on Tuesday.

Last Sunday, the Hong Kong-flagged Chinagas Legend LPG tanker, going from Singapore to the United States, collided with the Fahd tugboat, which belongs to Suez Canal Authority. The tugboat sank, with one crew member dying and the remaining six rescued.

"Suez Canal Authority chairman Osama Rabie announced today, on Tuesday, that the operation to recover the Fahd tugboat using a hoist was successful," the organization said in a statement.�

During the rescue operation, the canal's ship traffic was not affected, the statement read. The process of lifting and recovering the tugboat required a number of additional measures, including inspecting the site of the incident and locating the tugboat, Rabie was quoted as saying.