Maduro Says Condemns Lack Of Response To Quran-Burning Incidents From European Leaders

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 07th August, 2023) Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro condemned Sunday the lack of response from European leaders and a number of media to Quran-burning incidents in Sweden and Denmark.

"I feel, deep within my heart, the discontent of Muslim peoples around the world when they see the Quran being burned," Maduro said on the "With Maduro and More" program aired by the Al Mayadeen broadcaster, adding that those who turn a blind eye to the burning of sacred books in Europe are "indirectly involved" because of "their silence."

Maduro also criticized media for not covering the issue, adding that he "strongly condemns" hate crimes against Muslims and the activities of "extreme right-wing and racist circles" destroying copies of the Quran in Europe.

"I ask myself as a Christian, what we Christians would feel if someone should burn the Bible in another country? ... We would feel great sadness and it would be a great insult if someone were to do this," the president added.

Several Quran-burning demonstrations have taken place in Denmark and Sweden in recent months. Most Muslim countries have condemned the demonstrations, and some have summoned the Swedish and Danish ambassadors to issue letters of protest.

Earlier this week, Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billstrom pledged to pay special attention to relations with Muslim countries, and the Danish police temporarily toughening controls at the country's borders for security reasons following recent Quran-burning demonstrations.