UK Teachers Go On Strike Over Low Pay - Trade Union

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 02nd May, 2023) The UK National education Union (NEU) said on Tuesday that UK teachers are holding strikes across the country to demand higher wages amid rising inflation.

Last month, the NEU rejected the government's proposal to pay 1,000 Pounds ($1247) to school workers this academic year and increase their salary by 4.3% next year, calling the conditions offensive.

On Tuesday, the union began posting photos on Twitter of demonstrators in various UK cities, including Manchester, Birmingham, and Warrington. Protesters can be seen carrying flags and posters demanding an increase in their wages.

The United Kingdom has seen a series of strikes by civil servants over the past months as people express their dissatisfaction with salaries and the worsening economic situation caused by soaring inflation in the country. Employees of railroad companies, post offices, airports, and lawyers, among others, have been taking part in the protests.