French Far-Right Leader Slams Gov't For Backing 'Thoughtless' EU Sanctions On Russia

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 18th September, 2022) French far-right leader Marine Le Pen said on Sunday that the centrist government made a "geopolitical mistake" when it backed the European Union's ill-conceived sanctions against Russia.

The National Rally firebrand, who finished second in this spring's presidential race, said the government was "swept along by the European Union crazed by the war in Ukraine into adopting inappropriate and thoughtless sanctions."

She said Germany, the main beneficiary of Gazprom's Nord Stream gas pipelines and a vocal advocate of the green transition, was the one responsible for the EU's dependence on Russian energy imports.

"If anyone is responsible for our dependence on Russia, it is the idiots and the naive who bet on wind and solar power," Le Pen told a party meeting in Agde in southern France.