Arts Council Of Pakistan Karachi Organized A Photo Exhibition On The Occasion Of "Youm-E-Istehsaal Kashmir".

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi organized a photo exhibition on the occasion of

Human rights organizations around the world have kept silent on the Kashmir issue, Pakistani people stand with Kashmiris, Saeed Ghani.

Karachi (Pakistan Point News - 7 August, 2022)Arts Council of Pakistan organized a photo exhibition in Haseena Moin Hall on the occasion of Youm-E-Istehsaal Kashmir in Karachi. Photo exhibition was based on the atrocities of Indian forces in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Provincial Minister of Labor and Manpower Saeed Ghani said that what has been happening in Kashmir for seventy years, these pictures are nothing compared to these atrocities, thousands of young people have lost their lives, thousands of sisters have been raped, and thousands of mothers have lost their lives.

The children were born. I pay tribute to Muhammad Ahmad Shah and Arts Council Karachi who organized the exhibition on Kashmir Exploitation Day, today Modi started trampling Kashmiri identity, Modi, and his party on racism. Based on this, he added in his party's manifesto that the Kashmiri identity will be abolished. Pakistan's commitment to Kashmiris has been strengthened, we reiterate that we stand with Kashmiris, and Pakistan stands with Kashmiris, condemning the atrocities that India has inflicted on them in recent years.

The day is not far when Kashmiris will get what they want, former ambassador Jameel Ahmad Khan said today is the day. All over Pakistan is celebrating the Day of Exploitation of Kashmir, India has oppressed the people of Kashmir, and Kashmir will surely get justice. Everyone in Pakistan is ready to help Kashmir, Hurriyat Conference Secretary Abdul Mateen said that Kashmir and Pakistan are not separate, I am very thankful to Pakistan, The current situation of Kashmir is very serious, Kashmir is not a religious issue but an international and political issue, Arts Council Governing Body member Bashir Saduzai said that today August 5th is celebrated as Kashmir Exploitation Day.

Yes, in this photo exhibition there is a glimpse of Indian atrocities, Kashmiri people are standing in front of Indian armed forces, and Pakistani people are always with Kashmiris. The Event was moderated by Shakeel Khan.