Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Set To Increase Flights To Skardu

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) set to increase flights to Skardu

Soon PIA will run 12 flights per week from 6 cities to Skardu

On Monday, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) , the country's national airline, made an announcement about increasing its flights to Skardu.

Abdullah Khan, a spokesman for the national flag carrier, announced that starting the following week, PIA will run 12 flights per week from Pakistan to Skardu.

Because of summer vacations and Eid holidays, there was a significant surge in demand for travel to northern regions, the airline spokesperson said.

The PIA now offers direct flights from six destinations to Skardu.

It is important to note that Imran Khan, the former prime minister of Pakistan, opened Skardu International Airport last year.

Skardu airport, which is situated at a height of more than 7,000 feet, is among the highest airports in the world. The second runway is 8,500 feet long, while the main runway measures 12,000 feet.

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