France Studying Possibilities Of Exporting Grain From Ukraine - Foreign Ministry

PARIS (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 26th May, 2022) France, jointly with partners, is exploring possibilities for exporting grain from Ukraine, a spokesman for the country's Foreign Ministry said.

"France, together with its partners, is studying all the possibilities for the export of grain crops produced in Ukraine. Various options are being considered in close cooperation with our partners and with the Ukrainian authorities," the spokesman said at a briefing when asked about whether France is ready to facilitate the export of grain from Ukraine by sea.

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Russia does not hinder exportation of Ukrainian grain, logistical problems arose through the fault of Kiev, its troops mined Ukrainian seaports. The ministry said "the talk about Russia allegedly blocking the export of Ukrainian grain in the Black Sea ports and the resulting shortage on the grain market is nothing but speculation."

A former employee of the Odessa seaport told Sputnik that Ukraine is exporting wheat reserves from storage facilities in Odessa by alternative routes under pressure from the European Union, despite the threat of a grain shortage in the country itself.