Syria's Defense Ministry Says 3 People Dead Following Israeli Rocket Attack

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 21st May, 2022) At least three people died as a result of an Israeli rocket attack that targeted the Damascus area, most of the missiles were downed by the air defense systems, the Syrian Defense Ministry says.

Late on Friday, the Syrian state broadcaster Al-Ikhbariyah reported that Syrian air defenses were repelling an enemy attack in the province of Damascus. Explosions were heard over the Syrian capital.

"At approximately 23.01 on Friday (20:01 GMT), the Israeli enemy carried out aggression with ground-to-ground missiles from the occupied Syrian Golan, striking at some locations in the south of Damascus. Our air defense systems responded to enemy missiles and shot down most of them. The aggression led to the death of three people and caused some material damage," the Syrian Defense Ministry said in a statement.