Government Has Failed To Secure The Children Of Punjab, Said Senator PPP Aitzaz Ahsan


Government has failed to secure the children of Punjab, said Senator PPP Aitzaz Ahsan

Lahore, (Pakistan Point News – 13th August, 2016) : Senator PPP Aitzaz Ahsan was conducting a press conference. He said that he is seriously concerned over the recent incidents of child abduction all over the Punjab. He said that the residents of Lahore are horrified and worried about the security of their children. He told media that he has conducted a dialogue with DIG operations over this grave issue. He criticized the government by saying that it has failed badly over the security issues.

Corruption and malfunction are the two most appropriate adjectives that describe today's prevailing Pakistani government.He also said that Sharif brothers has established their businesses in the form of orange line train and metro bus by virtue of which they make high proportions of commissions. Panama leaks has proved to be the bell of the government's neck due to which they are proven guilty.