PM Addressing To M4's Shorkot To Khanelwal Section Inauguration Ceremony In Shorkot


PM addressing to M4's Shorkot To Khanelwal Section inauguration ceremony in Shorkot

Shorkot, (Pakistan Point News – 13th August, 2016) : PM Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is addressing to the attendees of the event. Pakistan was suffering with energy crisis 3 years back but we are working very hard to cope the situation. Till 2018, Pakistan will become energy efficient state. He stated that these roads will decrease the distance between cities. This motorway will make a way from China to Gawadar. Pakistan’s economy is reviving now.

Reserves of Pakistan in Foreign Exchange are increasing. CPEC has a 46 billion investment which is a great achievement for Pakistan Government. A gas pipe line, TAPI, is under construction which will fulfill the lack of Gas. We are not thinking and planning for now, but we are planning for the next 50 years. We launched many plans of 850 billion within the 1.5 year. 600 KM Khanjrab Mansehra motorway which is called Hazara motorway was also a great success.

GT Road will also intersect this motorway from a few points. Hyderabad-Karachi motorway is already functional and Hyderabad-Sukker is under construction. These plans will facilitate Balochistan as well. Gawadar has become an International Port. The plan's cost was estimated 26 billion but coming at a cost of 22 billion. Pakistan government has saved 4 billion. Currently, government has saved 100 billion. If this government was involved in the corruption, government would have put this amount in its pocket. But present government is not corrupt. This is called a serious politics and displaying while standing on the container is not a serious politics. Politics is worship, not a one-day match. With the grace of Allah Almighty we are heading towards the path of progress.