Akh Da Nasha – A Song By Singer Shahroz Khan Reaches A New Milestone

Akh Da Nasha – A song by singer Shahroz Khan reaches a new milestone

It is a thrilling, filmi offering that, in Khan’s own words, is inspired from a portion of his life

Islamabad (Pakistan Point News - 16th Apr, 2022) It is a thrilling, filmi offering that, in Khan’s own words, is inspired from a portion of his life. The song Akh da Nasha was released right after his song “Pakistan – Tribute to Pakistan Air Force; it too, had taken its sweet time getting made during the coronavirus pandemic.

Shahroz, dressed in a suit with a slickly styled hairstyle, crooned in front of the camera. — I snapped a picture from far, far away. One could have sworn they were in the thick of a grand movie production, complete with a lost-in-thought director Jibran Khan, who was designing shots in his mind.

Shahroz Khan’s latest song Akh da Nasha

is inspired from the singer’s own life,

which is why he released it from his

own YouTube Channel rather than

hold it back for a record label

Akh Da Nasha is a Punjabi song, filmed at various locations including an office and the most interesting site being the ‘Heli-Pad’. The song features Areeka Haq as a secretary and Shahroz Khan as the boss. As soon as Shahroz watches Areeka enter the office room, he enters into the realm of imagination and what happens next is pure entertainment as Areeka takes over the screen to perform her best moves. There is not a single moment in the 3.10 seconds video when you can take your eyes off the duo.

“We’re going to create a computer-generated version of the office for the song’s opening,” Shahroz had told me then. His music video, Akh da Nasha, starring Areeka, has a lot of visual effects VFX. The effects for Akh Da Nasha were done later at Beyond Studios in Islamabad.

Trained as an actor in the Actors Studio, UK – Shahroz Khan’s acting skills and expressions seemed very polished. ‘ I wanted to show my acting skills in this music video’ , he said. His co-star, who is a TikTok star, Areeka was looking stunning spotted in a denim.

Areeka looking outside the window and Shahroz enters - this scene was the most loved moment by the fans and many reaction video were made, not only from the Pakistani fans but also from across the border too.

The heli-pad scene where Shahroz and Areeka are chasing each other with a Harley Davidson in the centre is the most electrifying and glamourous.

‘ I am overwhelmed to see the response. I never thought Akh Da Nasha will go this viral and cross 4 Million views only on YouTube’, said Shahroz. Behind the scenes from Akh Da Nasha went viral on the Chinese app, Tik Tok. This made the song unstoppable. Currently, the music video has over 4 Million views on YouTube and over 10 Million across all platforms.

‘In these times, world has become a global village, I am surprised to see my work getting recognized and loved by the south African fans’, said Shahroz. It is amazing to see such young talent in our country, filming so professionally. The Colour-grade and the edit is brilliant. It is far away from being the typical music videos released. Akh Da Nasha is a must watch!