“Kaalay Rung Da Paranda” For Zong 4G Review

“Kaalay Rung Da Paranda” for Zong 4G Review

The war for telecom supremacy continues within Pakistan. Telenor and Ufone have both introduced new campaigns which seem to reflect the more westernized image of Pakistan. With “Burgeri Bachay” on display, the ad appeals to the modern youth.

Zong telecom has however decided to go the cultural route. The new campaign follows Pakistani cricketing legend “Younis Khan” and English cricket team star “Jason Roy” on a cultural journey across Pakistan. Khan can be shown introducing several Pakistani foods to Mr. Roy. The pair also engages in traditional rural activities in various parts of the country. The rich culture of Punjab can be seen in the ad.

The video was a visual delight, as it was done by Asad Ul-Haq, who has proved his abilities time and time again. The video truly captured the essence of Pakistani culture, and has given Zong something that audiences should love.

The musical score is a beautifully crafted masterpiece created by popular Punjabi Sufi artists “Soch Band”. The track is sung in Punjabi, which has a mostly rural audience, however is appreciated globally.
The musical score flawlessly compliments the visuals, by providing traditional folk melodies of both Sindh and Punjab.

The use of the Dhol, Tabla and Bansuri create a hypnotizing effect across the video. “The decision to use such cultural eastern classical and folk instruments was something that I was insisting on” said Adnan Dhool (of Soch Band). The group hit a right chord with audiences with their hit songs “Awari” and “Bol Hu”, and have since then continued to become a household name across Pakistan and abroad.