Arts Council Of Pakistan Karachi Hosts Reception In Honor Of Newly Elected Officials Of Crime Reporters Association

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi hosts reception in honor of newly elected officials of Crime Reporters Association

Art and culture cannot flourish without a crime-free and healthy society: Muhammad Ahmad Shah

Karachi (Pakistan Point News - 28th January, 2022) Arts Council President Muhammad Ahmad Shah said that art and culture could not flourish without a crime-free and healthy society. Wherever crime is taking place, it should be positively addressed for the betterment of society. Collective efforts are required to eradicate crime. Crime can be controlled with the mindset of the people. He expressed these views while addressing a reception in honor of the newly elected officials of the Crime Reporters Association. Mohammad Ahmad Shah said that some people think that there is a connection between Crime Reporters and Arts Council which is an institution of fine arts but its strong connection is that the crime reporter tries to control crime and writers and The artist strives for a healthy society and literature and art cannot flourish without a crime-free society.

Based on this connection we are gathered here today and not only us but people of every school of thought in Pakistan collectively. We must strive for the development of our country and for our society to be called an enlightened and developed society. On this occasion, he congratulated the newly elected body and said that it is a good omen that the tradition of elections in associations and organizations is getting stronger. Of Pakistan, Karachi is also one of the leading institutions where elections are held on time as per normal and it is managed and administered by an elected governing body. It is the basic unit of a strong democratic society. The newly elected body of the Association will work for the betterment of its members It is written in his manifesto that on this occasion Mohammad Ahmad Shah awarded the newly elected officials. Young politician Sardar Nazakat said that journalists of any field are working very hard.

We will request the Sindh government to clarify a system in which the lives of journalists working in the field can be protected and a welfare plan can be formulated for their families, said Chairman Media and Publication Committee Bashir Khan Saduzai. Regarding the relationship between the Reporter and the Arts Council, our President Mohammad Ahmad Shah has explained it in a good way. Reached the destination where not only the arts and crafts are being facilitated but also the doors of the Arts Council have been opened for every school of thought across Pakistan so that anyone who has a function or discussion here regarding their manifesto. He wants to have a discussion. He is being facilitated on this basis Different programs of different schools are held at six places from Nach in which hundreds of citizens participate. This facility is provided only in Arts Council Karachi in Pakistan and every school of thought has freedom of expression within the realm of law and ethics. That is why the Arts Council of Pakistan has been recognized as the only Arts Council of Pakistan and other cities of the country including Islamabad are being invited to organize national level programs or Urdu conferences there as well. Rai Imran said that CRA is conveying news to the people through digital media. The credit for the bouquet decorated today goes to the President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah. I thank him for organizing such a wonderful event. Sameer Qureshi said that the purpose of forming the association was to solve the problems of crime reporters and provide a platform and I hope that the present body will play its important role in fulfilling the work we have left unfinished, Aslam Khan. "Teachers and journalists can play a positive role in rectifying the deteriorating situation in society. We should thank Sameer Qureshi for running away and setting up the Crime Reporters Association," he said. The column was badly affected but the way our reporters worked is commendable, Imtiaz Bukhari said, "I congratulate Rai Imran on his election as president. Samir Qureshi always remembered what he did for crime reporters in his time." Shakir Sailani appreciated the service of Sameer Qureshi. He said that journalism is also a source of service and hoped that Imran would also play the role of Messiah for the reporters. Amir Majeed, Salman Lodhi, Khurram Gulzar Shah Nawaz Khan, Haji Chung Zeb Khan were also addressed while Mansoor Sahir performed the duties of the director.