Mother Sister To Be Included In Investigation Of Samia Shahid Murder Case

Mother sister to be included in investigation of Samia Shahid murder case

Jhelum,(Pakistan Point News - 10 August,2016) : The police have decided to include the mother and sister in the murder investigation of British national Samia Shahid who was allegedly killed for 'honor' by her family on a visit to Pakistan. Police sources told that Samia’s mother Imtiaz Bibi and sister Madiha Shahid were among those nominated by her second husband Mukhtar Kazam in the case. Police officials said that both Imtiaz Bibi and Madiha Shahid would be contacted after August 13 and would be informed that they have been made part of the investigation.

They further said that if they do not cooperate then both would be brought to Pakistan through Interpol. Samia married Mukhtar Kazam less than two years ago against her family's wishes and went to live with his family in Dubai.In July Samia, originally from Bradford, went to visit her father in a village called “Poteh” near Dina on the 14th of July. Her family, who are also British nationals, were in Pakistan following a bereavement within the family. It is understood that after marrying Mukhtar Kazam, the couple had faced death threats.