Clashes, Violence And Kidnapping Incidents In Punjab

Clashes, violence and kidnapping incidents in Punjab

Lahore,(Pakistan Point News - 10 August,2016) : kidnapping incidents, protests and clashes took place in many cities of Punjab. The citizens of Multan arrested and beat four kidnappers. In Gujranwala, the citizens beat the employs of Child Protection Bureau considering them kidnappers. In Shujabad, people beat four suspected kidnappers but the Police freed them and told that they were not kidnappers. In Vehari, people arrested a woman kidnapper and handed her to Police. In Faislabad, people protested against the increasing incidents of kidnapping at Sargodha Road. As Police came to clear road for traffic. The clashes between Police and People started, people began to throw stones over police and tore a uniform of a Policeman. A child who had been kidnapped three days from Rahim Yar Khan was recovered from Lahore.