Turow Mine Fines Will Not Be Deducted From EU Funding To Poland - European Commission

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 22nd September, 2021) The European Union will not deduct fines imposed on Poland for running a controversial coal mine from the bloc's funding and will instead request separate payments, Eric Mamer, the European Commission chief spokesman, said on Tuesday.

"We will ask Poland to pay, it's not that we deduct from sums that we owe them necessarily. The first thing is that we issue a note asking them to pay," Mamer told a briefing.

He added that if Poland fails to transfer the funds, the European Commission will find other ways to enforce the fine.

On Monday, a European Union court announced it would fine Poland a daily 500,000 Euros ($586,000) until it acts on an earlier order to close the lignite Turow mine as its operation threatens to drain groundwater from the bordering Czech territories and disrupt drinking water supply in the nearby communities.

The Polish government refused to close the mine saying it would undermine the country's and Europe's energy security. Poland depends on the mine for up to 7% of its electric supply.