LCCI Strongly Condemns Quetta Incident

LCCI strongly condemns Quetta incident

LAHORE, (Pakistan Point News - 8th August, 2016) : While strongly condemning the heinous act of terrorism in Quetta, Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI) said on Monday that Pakistani nation would not bow to the terrorists who were enemies of entire humanity. In a strong worded statement issued here, the LCCI President Sheikh Muhammad Arshad, Senior Vice President Almas Hyder and Vice President Nasir Saeed said here that entire nation was saddened by the huge loss of life and injuries caused by the brutal terrorists attack in Quetta.

They said that business community stood shoulder to shoulder with their Balochi brothers. "Our prayers and hearts go out to our brothers of Balochistan in this testing time," said LCCI President. The office-bearers said, terrorist attacks in Quetta were an ample proof of the fact that terrorists had no religion and they were busy to do crime against the humanity. It was not just a terror attack on the people of Pakistan but a heinous crime against entire humanity, therefore, international community should not remain silent on terrorist attacks in Pakistan as terrorists were fulfilling their ugly designs around the globe.

They said that terrorists had already done serious terrorist attacks in Europe and could play havoc anywhere, therefore all heads of states should join hands to evolve strategy for combating common battle against terrorism. They said that terrorist attacks in Quetta were a well planned conspiracy to shatter the peace in South Asia. Government should urge Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) and United Nations Organization (UNO) to convene a roundtable of all heads of states to make a consensus policy to cope with terrorism related incidents that had jolted the very basis of the globe.

The LCCI office-bearers said that these terrorists, their supporters and facilitators should be brought to justice. Sheikh Arshad added, "Any further delay in taking a strong stand against terrorists will cause undue damage to internal peace and harmony therefore there is a dire need to sit together and evolve a methodology to get rid of the menace of terrorism."