Odho Comes In Support Of Bushra Ansar Against Online Bullies


Odho comes in support of Bushra Ansar against online bullies

The actress says Bushra is a legend of the country and no has the right to tell her how to live or behave.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-July 7th, 2021) Veteran actor Atiqa Odho came up to support her fellow actor Bushra Ansari who was targeted by ageist trolls criticizing her for dancing in a video that went viral earlier this week.

Bushra Ansari put the trolls in place on her personal Instagram account with a lengthy post. She was joined by Odho on the same photo-sharing app against the online bullies.

Odho said she was standing by Ansari.

Odho wrote: “She (Ansari) is a legend of our country and has served us well. No one has the right to tell her how to live or behave. She is not a criminal so stop treating her as if she’s broken any laws,” wrote Odho, pointing out that bringing joy and happiness to the people was not a crime.

Odho went on to say that those who disrespect elders online mirror their “poor upbringing” and that Ansari was an inspiration for her fellow stars thanks to her “talent, grace and charm.”

“Faceless and nameless people should be ashamed of themselves for attacking an icon of our industry in such a pathetic manner. Grow up! Carry on smiling Bushra Ansari, we are with you as always,” she concluded.

Posted earlier on Monday, Ansari’s own lengthy caption read, “I don’t understand why young kids feel insecure about older people… if this is the only flaw, being old, please change your thinking or treat your parents the same way.”

“I am not answerable to any faceless troller because they never leave anyone even after wearing hijab… so stop hurting people it’s also not allowed in islam,” Ansari added.

Fida Hussnain

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