Putin Points To Growing Geopolitical Turbulence, Attempts To Pursue One's Agenda

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 23rd June, 2021) The turbulence of geopolitical processes keeps growing despite some positive signals, the erosion of international law continues, as well as attempts to pursue one's agenda through the use of force, Russian President Vladimir Putin noted on Wednesday.

"Unfortunately, the turbulence of geopolitical processes is still growing even despite some positive signals. The erosion of international law continues. Attempts to push one's interests through the use of force and to strengthen one's security at the expense of others never cease," Putin told participants of the ninth Moscow Conference on International Security.

The president emphasized that the conference centers around the most important issues on the modern military and political agenda.

"The strengthening of global security and sustainable development of our civilization depend on the solution of these problem, on the effective search for joint responses to common challenges," Putin added.