Toyota Invests $36Mln To Develop New Battery Materials Needed For Carbon-Neutral Future

WASHINGTON (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 19th May, 2021) Research for new materials needed to make batteries for electric vehicles more efficient will benefit from a four-year, $36 million investment announced by Toyota's Research Institute on Tuesday.

"Toyota Research Institute (TRI) announced today that it is committing another $36 million to its Accelerated Materials Design and Discovery (AMDD) collaborative university research program over the next four years," a Toyota press release said.

Key research topics for the program include accelerating the testing of battery lifetime, developing methods for the AI-driven discovery of new fuel cell materials, creating a novel robotic platform for rapid design of new polymer formulations for batteries, and launching autonomous systems that can discover materials in simulation with no human intervention, the statement added.

The $36 million comes in addition to $35 million invested in the project beginning in 2017, the release said.

The investment over the next four years is earmarked for 11 US universities and laboratories, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Stanford University, the release added.

A switch from gasoline to electric-powered vehicles is considered a key to creating a carbon-neutral economy by mid-century, analysts say.