‘Rasta Dikha’ Brings Hope And Peace To Minds


‘Rasta Dikha’ brings hope and peace to minds

 Zain Khan—the pop singer-- has come up with spiritual ‘Kalam’  for people in a bid to strengthen their ties with God which over 1 million people have watched so far in a very short span of time.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-May 10th, 2021) Rising Pop singer Zain Khan has released ‘Rasta Dikha’—a hymn that has brought hope and peace to the peoples’ minds.

The singer has himself composed his new Kalam [Hamd] and Ali Ayoun has directed it.

He has released it in Ramazan in a bid to bring people more close to the God and make them feel peaceful in their souls and minds. Surprisingly, over one million people have watched it so far.

Fida Hussnain

Fida Hussnain is a lahore based journalist. He writes on politics, religion, social issues and climate change. He is also a research fellow at University of Gujrat.