Russian Foreign Ministry Dismisses Czech Claims Linking Moscow To 2014 Ammo Depot Blasts

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 18th April, 2021) The Russian Foreign Ministry on Sunday dismissed as groundless the claims by the Czech government that Russian diplomats were behind 2014 blasts at ammo depots.

The Czech government announced on Saturday the expulsion of 18 diplomats whom it accused of having a role in two deadly explosions that hit ammo depots in the eastern town of Vrbetice.

"The Czech authorities made an unprecedented decision to expel 18 staffers of the Russian embassy under an unfounded and false pretext that Russian intelligence agencies had something to do with the 2014 explosion," a statement read.

"This [accusation] sounds even more absurd considering that the Czech government earlier blamed the explosions on the companies that owned the warehouses," the ministry added.